Investing Money:  

We'll pay you interest income or provide you with equity from real estate we own without you having to actively own or manage the property.


Our members have access to invest in real estate.  The money you invest will be backed by high-value real estate.  You become the bank, and we pay you.

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​  Purchasing Property: 

We work with buyers interested in purchasing real estate as an investment.


Our members receiving access to our exclusive off-market real estate listings.

*We primarily service DC, MD, and VA.  Additional restrictions may apply based on your location.

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  Selling Property:  

We'll help you sell your real estate to make a profit, avoid foreclosure, probate court, paying for unexpected maintenance costs, or address other life events. We may make an offer on your property.  


We can help you with your “For Sell by Owner (FSBO)” transaction to give you more freedom and flexibility, or fully represent you by helping you with marketing, listing, contract management, funds management, maintenance and renovation, negotiation, hiring cleaning and other professionals, and more.

*We primarily service DC, MD, and VA.  Additional restrictions may apply based on your location.

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  Real Estate Referral:  

Our members can receive a referral fee up to $1,000 for referring clients that want to sell their property.


Your referral fee will be processed within 60 days of the transaction closing. Additional terms & conditions may apply.

The Real Estate Investment Model for Wealth:  

Our members gain access to learn how to make money investing in real estate.  


We provide at least 48 actionable recommendations, real estate investing tips, and industry secrets to help investors make more money without wasting time and hard-earned money facing challenges we've already helped our clients overcome.  


More specifically, members learn how to find the right real estate for purchase, how to negotiate the best deal possible, how to operate and maintain your real estate, and how to exit your real estate in the right way.


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Find ideas to save time, make more money, and improve the quality of your life.


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