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Customized Coaching Programs

Our Customized Coaching Programs are a combination of one-on-one and group coaching programs tailored for an organization based on their industry and other specific criteria.

"In order to transform your business, you have to transform the habits of your people."

- Donnie Thomas 

This coaching experience is for your organization if you answer "yes" to any of these questions...

  1. Does your organization find challenges in improving the performance of specific types of employees or members?

  2. Does your industry face a particular challenge in achieving a goal that would give your organization a competitive edge?

  3. Do your employees or members face unique challenges that require them to improve their performance both individually and as a group in order to be successful?

Coaching helps you to gain clarity, improve self-awareness, and explore solutions within yourself to solve the problems that matter most to you. Community places you around like-minded people you can learn from, and who can keep you accountable for achieving the goals you want for yourself.

What should you expect from this experience?

  1. A customized coaching program that respects your privacy and the boundaries of your business, its stakeholders, and your employees;

  2. A customized coaching program tailored for your industry and your organization's priorities;

  3. The client or group will set the agenda for each session based on individual or program topic areas;

  4. Discovery, clarity, and alignment with what the client wants to achieve;

  5. A coach that will help your employees discover themselves in order to realize higher levels of productivity;

  6. A coach that will challenge clients to generate solutions and strategies during and after sessions; and

  7. A coach that will hold clients responsible and accountable for achieving the goals they set.

Use Case: Business Teams and Groups
Use Case: Coaching for Learning Institutions
Use Case: Coaching for Start-ups


Exceptional challenges require exceptional solutions.

The recommended mixture and number of sessions may vary. 

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