Customized Coaching Programs

Customized Coaching Programs are coaching programs we develop for businesses based on their industry and specific coaching objectives.

"In order to transform your business, you have to transform the habits of your people."

- Donnie Thomas 

This coaching experience is for you if you answer "yes" to any of these questions...

  1. Does your organization find it difficult to improve employee performance and retention?

  2. Do your employees or teams struggle with achieving business objectives?

  3. Do you find it difficult to motivate your emloyees to achieve your business goals?

  4. Do you find it difficult for your customers to be responsible and accountable after services are provided?

  5. Do you find it difficult to navigate a major change within your business?

  6. Would you like to create a lasting positive impact in the lives of those you serve?

Coaching helps you to gain clarity, improve self-awareness, and explore solutions within yourself to solve the problems that matter most to you. Community places you around like-minded people you can learn from, and who can keep you accountable for achieving the goals you want for yourself.

What should you expect from this experience?

  1. A customized coaching program that respects your privacy and the boundaries of your business, its stakeholders, and your employees;

  2. A customized coaching program tailored for your industry and your organization's priorities;

  3. The client or group that will set the agenda for each session based on individual or program topic areas;

  4. Discovery, clarity, and alignment with what you want to achieve;

  5. A coach that will help your employees discover themselves in order to realize higher levels of productivity;

  6. A coach that will challenge you to generate solutions and strategies during and after sessions; and

  7. A coach that will hold you responsible and accountable for achieving the goals you set.

Use Case: Business Teams and Groups
Use Case: Coaching for Learning Institutions
Use Case: Coaching for Start-ups


Pricing varies based on your needs.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:  If you've completed the program and feel you haven't made any progress towards the outcomes you expected from group coaching, we'll give you one additional group coaching session on the priority of your choice. 


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