The Performance Maxim™ Coaching Experience

The Performance Maxim™ Experience is a 12-week interactive workshop where entrepreneurs work with a certified coach to better understand themselves and their businesses, discover financing options to fuel business acceleration, and implement real estate investment plans to maximize business returns.


Entrepreneurs engage in a confidential and safe individual and group environment, where they establish a clear situational baseline; identify their objectives; explore the deeper meaning of objectives; design S.M.A.R.T.E.R. goals; discover best practices and tools; and implement action plans.


Clients receive workbook materials, productivity tools and resources, opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs, and impactful business results based on actions taken during the workshop to improve the performance of their business.

The Financial Maxim™ Coaching Experience

A financial coaching experience designed to improve your financial efficiency and effectiveness.


This program helps individuals and businesses (who experience financial and performance issues) overcome challenges with saving money, managing expenses, and increasing income, by exploring their financial maxim without sacrificing their core values.


This experience helps you to

  • build your financial literacy and re-imagine the way you save money, spend money, and earn an income;

  • gain invaluable clarity and self-awareness; and,

  • design and implement effective solutions to solve your financial problems.



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