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The Real Estate Investment Model for Wealth Workshop


Real Estate Acquisition and Management

Our clients come with a unique set of real estate challenges they are looking for us to resolve. Our clients are looking to lease property, but can’t find property that includes services to meet their needs.  They may also be looking to acquire property, but need advice on the best options.  We offer a number of solutions to help clients meet these challenges. Our service offerings include:

  • Home Purchase Program (For Distressed Property Owners): We work with clients that need to sell residential or commercial properties quickly in order to realize immediate returns within 30 days.  Contact us if you or someone you know fits one of the following scenarios:

    • Ran out of funding for your current project.

    • Looking to sell your property in order to retire or switch industries.

    • Experiencing a financial or other hardship.

  • Finance Your Property: We work with our clients to find the best financing solutions for their business loan or commercial real estate financing needs. Complete our 5-minute survey and we will generate a proposal for you in minutes!

    • We offer lending amounts that allow small businesses to grow.  We offer up to $5 million in funding to small businesses and individuals.

    • We offer the best rates in the industry. Our rates start at 5.25% and we'll beat any quote you receive from another stated income commercial real estate lender.

    • We offer a variety of financing types.  We offer purchase loans, portfolio loans, refinancing, bridge loans, and more.

    • We offer the highest loan-to-values (LTVs). We offer LTVs up to 80%, even on cash-out refinances.

    • We lend on a variety of property types. We fund generic property types (single-family, multi-family, mixed-use, office, retail, etc.) but we also lend on auto-service, mobile home parks, self-storage, daycare, restaurants and even bars.

    • We don't require tax returns. No tax returns are required for investor or owner occupied business properties; this means an easier process for you!

    • We have a low credit score requirement. We will consider credit down to 620 and in the case of co-borrowers, we'll use the highest borrower scores. We also consult with clients with credit scores below 620 on how they can obtain financing.


        *Rates subject to market trends.

Information is free and in abundance, but mentorship and coaching is what allows the seed of information to grow. We offer workshops, trainings, and one-on-one consultation to help provide the critical training our clients need to be successful. Our service offerings include:

Strategy and Operations

Having an outside and unbiased perspective is beneficial for individual and organizational growth.  Our broad and in-depth knowledge in a number of industries allows us to provide our clients with an array of strategies, recommendations, and tools to create efficient organizations.  Our services offerings include:

  • Budgeting and Financial Planning

  • Program and Project Management

  • Business Process Reengineering

  • Staffing and Administrative Support

  • Verification and Validation

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