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Vulnerability with the right people can inspire progress.

Updated: Jul 30, 2023



First things first... Why should you care?

Our emotional state dictates the quality of our life. The 30 Days of Positivity Challenge is a daily personal challenge designed to condition the mind and body to maintain a positive emotional state. Our mindset contributes to 80% of our success. So, this challenge forces you to reprogram your mindset for success. When we're in a good mood and have a positive mindset, the probability of us being more productive, having better relationships, and making more money goes up. On the other hand, when we're in a bad mood and have a negative mindset, the opposite tends to occur.

Imagine living in a mansion but you're always upset, stressed, anxious, or sad. On the other hand, imagine living in a townhouse but you're always peaceful and happy. Your quality of life has everything to do with how you feel about yourself and the world around you. Your focus becomes your future. So, focus on nurturing a positive emotional state. Our feelings give us clues about the state of our emotions and environment, and tell us if we're progressing in the right direction. Progress equals growth. This challenge helps you to grow positive feelings to attract positive people and things into your life.

Let's get started with today's challenge!

Let's Get To The Point

Vulnerability opens you up to some of the most fulfilling emotions as well as the most unfulfilling emotions. When we're vulnerable with the right people, they handle our vulnerability with care and can sometimes work with us to find the best solutions. Conversely, when we're vulnerable with the wrong people and they don't handle our vulnerability with care, we can be demotivated. Reflect on those instances in your life where you were vulnerable with someone and the result was positive. Now, reflect on a scenario in your life where you were vulnerable with someone and the outcome was negative. Your challenge today is to answer this question: What could you do to create more safe spaces in your life?

Full Transcript

[The following is the full transcript of this episode of the What They Don't Teach You In School Channel. Please note that this episode, like all episodes, feature speakers that are often unscripted and unedited. Filmed in one take, the What They Don't Teach You In School Channel one of the most authentic and insightful channels that provide real ideas to help you save time, make more money, and improve the overall quality of your life. Don't forget to subscribe to our website for more free content like this.]

Donnie Thomas:

Hey everybody. I hope you all are having a wonderful day. Today is day 25 of my 30 days of positivity challenge. Today I just wanted to talk about vulnerability and allowing people into your life and into your space, because sometimes the topic of vulnerability scares us, because it means that we open ourselves up to scars and people aren't necessarily the best handlers of our emotions and our hearts and the things that really scare us and wake us up at night, keep us up at night. But when the right people are aware of what's going on with you, it allows them the opportunity, it allows you the opportunity to be vulnerable with somebody that is in a position to help you.

Donnie Thomas:

I'm not talking about those friends who just want to know what's going on in your life or what you need help with just because they want to gossip. Those people, throw them away because they aren't really there for you. They're there to satisfy their own insecurities because they want to see you fail because they aren't happy with where they are.

Donnie Thomas:

So I'm talking about those people who genuinely want to make a deep impact in your life. If you're working on a new business process or a new business project, then reach out to those people who might be able to help you because you never know what insight they can give you. If you're struggling with a challenge, reach out to those people with discernment that you believe can help you to address that challenge. Because again, at some point you exhaust all of your options. You don't need more opinions. You don't need more, "Well, this is what I think about that. And this is what I told you." You don't need that.

Donnie Thomas:

You need solutions. I'm a very solution-oriented person. So when people bring things to me, when people come to me with things I'm nine times out of 10, going to push towards a solution, because I don't want to always hear negative, negative, negative, problem, problem, problem, problem. We're conditioned to think like that. And it's crippling to us because then we'd become or we enter into a state of despair where we don't think that we can overcome the challenge because it's just all, it's just these problems and everything's so insurmountable and we don't focus all of our intention on solution.

Donnie Thomas:

But what if you are around that friend that allowed you to focus on solution? That helped you to facilitate that type of thinking where they're not focusing on your problem? Yes, you have this problem. It happened. All the should've could've would've won't solve anything, but I have this solution for you. Those are the friends that you need to keep yourself around. Those are the people that you need to be vulnerable with because those are the people that are there to help you to overcome that challenge or to build that new business or to think differently about how you're going to operate in this new environment that we're in right now.

Donnie Thomas:

So don't be afraid of vulnerability. I'm not afraid of vulnerability. Sometimes I'm vulnerable to a fault and I'm learning how to curtail that a little bit. But even in that vulnerability, I'm always taught a lesson because either the lesson teaches me that I can never share certain things with certain people or the lesson has taught me that these are the people that I need to share certain things with, because those are the people that are going to get me to the next level. So I just open to the right people. Peace.


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