There is strength in family.



First things first... Why should you care?

Our emotional state dictates the quality of our life. The 30 Days of Positivity Challenge is a daily personal challenge designed to condition the mind and body to maintain a positive emotional state. Our mindset contributes to 80% of our success. So, this challenge forces you to reprogram your mindset for success. When we're in a good mood and have a positive mindset, the probability of us being more productive, having better relationships, and making more money goes up. On the other hand, when we're in a bad mood and have a negative mindset, the opposite tends to occur.

Imagine living in a mansion but you're always upset, stressed, anxious, or sad. On the other hand, imagine living in a townhouse but you're always peaceful and happy. Your quality of life has everything to do with how you feel about yourself and the world around you. Your focus becomes your future. So, focus on nurturing a positive emotional state. Our feelings give us clues about the state of our emotions and environment, and tell us if we're progressing in the right direction. Progress equals growth. This challenge helps you to grow positive feelings to attract positive people and things into your life.

Let's get started with today's challenge!

Let's Get To The Point

Sometimes it takes you to revisit your roots to find your strength. Your challenge today is to answer this question: What strength have you found in your roots?

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Donnie Thomas:

Hey, everybody. So today is day 13 of my 30 days of positivity challenge and today was one of the best days I've had in a long time. I spent the majority of my day with my mom looking at old home videos and it was so beautiful because one of the videos that stuck out to me most was on my 16th birthday. And it was a testament to how much my mom always tried to pour into me and to push me to be strong and vigilant and loving and caring and kind, and to really bring forth the qualities, not only that she instilled with the rest of my family, instilled in all of us. And it was such a beautiful moment because in the card that my mom got me, she always tries to make sure that there are special notes and she always tells me to never be afraid of who I am and never be ashamed of that.

Donnie Thomas:

And they're going to be times where you are ashamed of who you are. They're going to be times where you feel like you could be doing more, you aren't enough, but you are enough. And my mom really just continued to reaffirm and reassure me of that just through all of the videos that she was showing me. And I said, "Wow, this was the life that my mom was cultivating for my sister and I," and it was through that reflection that it reminded me, okay, let me step back. Let me ponder on this because sometimes you have to step backward in order to move forward. You just have to, but we get afraid of stepping backward because we believe when we step backward, that represents failure to others. But what we don't realize is that sometimes you can find your future in your failure because all the failure means is that you tried to do something that you may have not tried before.

Donnie Thomas:

There's nothing wrong with trying. Try until your heart tells you that you do not need to try. But what happens is when you try and other people look at your attempt and you may fail, they then judge you and say, "Oh my God, you're not good at that. You're not going to succeed." Yes, you will. Because all that failure does, is it pushes you in the direction that you're supposed to go in. And so I loved today. I was so much... I appreciated everything about today and I just wanted to share that with you all. I hope you're having a productive and wonderful Saturday. Peace and out with that, I will end my 13th day, for my 30 days of positivity challenge. Have a good one.

Donnie's Mom:

Donnie's 16th birthday.

Donnie Thomas: