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Real Estate Investing Assessment: Operate to Maintain

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

How much do you know about managing residential and commercial property?

We help real estate investors, with problems managing residential and commercial property, overcome the difficulty of managing real estate and achieve financial freedom without going bankrupt.

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The Real Estate Investment Model for Wealth

The Real Estate Investment Model for Wealth is a strategic guide to building wealth through real estate.  The Real Estate Investment Model for Wealth is the only approach that combines the process of real estate investing with an approach for building wealth.  So, if you are looking to simply purchase a property and want guidance on how to ensure you purchase a great investment for your family, or you are an investor looking for a comprehensive approach with recommendations that can help you explode your real estate portfolio (and ultimately your wealth), purchase this service and change your life forever.

How to Operate to Maintain Real Estate will teach you how to run your real estate business successfully. This training helps you answer questions like:

  1. How should I develop my operation and maintenance strategy?

  2. How can I automate the collection of information needed to manage my properties?

  3. How can I validate my strategy?

  4. How can I develop a product standard?

  5. How can I create multiple profit centers with my property?

  6. How can I manage the risk of operating and maintaining a property?

  7. How much time should I spend managing my properties?

  8. How can I handle lease violations?

  9. How can I optimize results?

  10. How can I find someone to support my efforts?

  11. How should I communicate my perspective?

  12. How can I monitor the success of my protégé?

The Real Estate Investment Model for Wealth includes four phases:

The Real Estate Investment Model for Wealth Summary provides an overview of all four phases.


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