Real Estate Investing Assessment: Analyze to Offer

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

How much do you know about researching, analyzing, and submitting offers for residential and commercial property for sale?

We help real estate investors, with problems finding residential and commercial property for sale, overcome the difficulty of finding real estate and achieve financial freedom without wasting time.

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The Real Estate Investment Model for Wealth

The Real Estate Investment Model for Wealth is a strategic guide to building wealth through real estate.  The Real Estate Investment Model for Wealth is the only approach that combines the process of real estate investing with an approach for building wealth.  So, if you are looking to simply purchase a property and want guidance on how to ensure you purchase a great investment for your family, or you are an investor looking for a comprehensive approach with recommendations that can help you explode your real estate portfolio (and ultimately your wealth), purchase this service and change your life forever.

How to Analyze to Offer Real Estate will teach you how to effectively determine what to purchase. This training helps you answer questions like:

  1. How should I develop my investment strategy?

  2. How can I automate the analysis of potential investments?

  3. How can I validate my strategy?

  4. How should I structure my offer?

  5. How can I finance the purchase of my properties?

  6. How can I manage the risk of submitting an offer?

  7. How long should I analyze before offering?

  8. How can I manage the complexity of offers?

  9. How can I submit more offers with less of my money at risk?

  10. How can I find someone to support my efforts?

  11. How should I communicate my perspective?

  12. How can I monitor the success of my protégé?

The Real Estate Investment Model for Wealth includes four phases:

The Real Estate Investment Model for Wealth Summary provides an overview of all four phases.


Savvy investors are saying, "This Search Engine for Real Estate Investors & Wholesalers sends the best deals to their inbox daily." It's totally automated, really fast, and super-easy to use!

The BirdDogBot provides a number of benefits:

  1. Find Deals Fast: BirdDogBot saves you time by automating and simplifying your deal-finding.

  2. Monitor Property Listings With Precision: It's virtually IMPOSSIBLE to monitor property listings with this level of detail without BirdDogBot.

  3. Analyze Deals With Ease: BirdDogBot gathers and crunches all the numbers for you.

  4. Share Deals With Other Investors: BirdDogBot gives you control over what information they can see.


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