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Overcoming regret requires acceptance.

Updated: Jul 30, 2023



First things first... Why should you care?

Our emotional state dictates the quality of our life. The 30 Days of Positivity Challenge is a daily personal challenge designed to condition the mind and body to maintain a positive emotional state. Our mindset contributes to 80% of our success. So, this challenge forces you to reprogram your mindset for success. When we're in a good mood and have a positive mindset, the probability of us being more productive, having better relationships, and making more money goes up. On the other hand, when we're in a bad mood and have a negative mindset, the opposite tends to occur.

Imagine living in a mansion but you're always upset, stressed, anxious, or sad. On the other hand, imagine living in a townhouse but you're always peaceful and happy. Your quality of life has everything to do with how you feel about yourself and the world around you. Your focus becomes your future. So, focus on nurturing a positive emotional state. Our feelings give us clues about the state of our emotions and environment, and tell us if we're progressing in the right direction. Progress equals growth. This challenge helps you to grow positive feelings to attract positive people and things into your life.

Let's get started with today's challenge!

Let's Get To The Point

You can only control what you can control - yourself. It's freeing to release your ego from situations and allow the situation to be what it's going to be. It's freeing because you'll realize that you don't have to manage things outside of your control. Acceptance can reduce anxiety. Think about the things in your life that bring you anxiety. Think about the things within your control that you've done to make the situation better, and release everything else you have no control over. Your challenge today is to answer this question: What else can you do within your control to make your circumstances better?

Full Transcript

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Donnie Thomas:

Day 20 of my 30 days of positivity challenge. The theme of acceptance has been most prevalent today. Although it has really shown itself in different forms throughout my 30 days of positive, today it was very prevalent. And I appreciate the fact that acceptance was prevalent today because it has a lot to do with coping, with change. And for me, I've found that acceptance it the most effective way to cope with change because it forces me to release my ego, and stop trying to control what I can't control, and only focus on what I can control, which is my self. When I release my ego from the situation and allow it to be what it is going to be, it's much more freeing for me.

Donnie Thomas:

It's much more freeing for me. But when we try to control the future that we wish would have happened, and when that regret sets in and that, "Oh man, if only." But, it didn't. "Well, I wish." But the wish didn't come true. But it's through acceptance and not complacency. I don't confuse complacency with acceptance, because acceptance is actually the relinquishing of your ego, believing that you can control things that are out of your control. I love it, I appreciate it, I'm learning to accept things more for what they are. Because again, there's power in acceptance, because it allows you to more effectively approach the fact that you did that meet whatever goal that you want wanted to meet, or life did not go the way you wanted it to go because of change, a new chart, a different path. And you learn to appreciate the present instead of dwelling in the regret.

Donnie Thomas:

So try out acceptance for a little bit. See how it works for you. It really has been a blessing for me today. It definitely has been a blessing for me over the past few weeks. And I implore anybody to learn to apply acceptance, true acceptance. Because through acceptance, you can also find love. We learn to accept people for who they are. When you learn to accept situations for what they are, that is an amazing pathway to love because you're not trying to control it.

Donnie Thomas:

I was watching a video with two women, that were going through a breakup during the pandemic. And they were talking with love about one another, and how it did work out. And most people would probably look on that and say, "Oh my God, how weird you guys are still living together. And isn't it weird? And why are you wishing her well?" But, when you aren't trying to control a thing when you're learning to appreciate what it is and what it represents in its existence, that's the ultimate form, for me, of love. I love that flower, I can appreciate it, and I can let it sit there. It's not about controlling it. I don't need to pick it up and own it in order to appreciate its beauty. I can allow it to be what it is, appreciate it, and move on. Acceptance is so powerful, so try it out in your own lives. I hope this was helpful, and I hope you all have a wonderful day 20 on my 30 days of positivity. Peace.


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