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Align your intention with your attention.

Updated: Jul 30, 2023



First things first... Why should you care?

Our emotional state dictates the quality of our life. The 30 Days of Positivity Challenge is a daily personal challenge designed to condition the mind and body to maintain a positive emotional state. Our mindset contributes to 80% of our success. So, this challenge forces you to reprogram your mindset for success. When we're in a good mood and have a positive mindset, the probability of us being more productive, having better relationships, and making more money goes up. On the other hand, when we're in a bad mood and have a negative mindset, the opposite tends to occur.

Imagine living in a mansion but you're always upset, stressed, anxious, or sad. On the other hand, imagine living in a townhouse but you're always peaceful and happy. Your quality of life has everything to do with how you feel about yourself and the world around you. Your focus becomes your future. So, focus on nurturing a positive emotional state. Our feelings give us clues about the state of our emotions and environment, and tell us if we're progressing in the right direction. Progress equals growth. This challenge helps you to grow positive feelings to attract positive people and things into your life.

Let's get started with today's challenge!

Let's Get To The Point

Listening is the intake of information and thoughts are the processing of the information. When we listen with the intention of understanding we can determine if something deserves our attention. Some of us stay in jobs too long, because we aren't listening. Some of us stay in relationships longer than necessary because we aren't listening. We keep our attention fixed on something that no longer values our presence because we aren't listening.

Listening is more than simply listening to what's said. Listening requires us to also consider what's not being said. Listening requires us to consider our emotions because our emotions give an indication of whether the message is positive or negative. Your challenge today is to answer this question: What haven't you been listening to?

Full Transcript

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Donnie Thomas:

So today is day 29 of my 30 days of positivity challenge. The focus for today is my thoughts. I thought previously about listening. And I really, really, really hope that you all take listening seriously. It's a transformative thing when you change the way you listen. Everybody thinks that they listen well, but when you really train your mind to listen and to think, and to see deeply into what people are saying, it's really transformative. So check that out, go take some training on listening. It will be transformative. Telling you.

Donnie Thomas:

But anyway, today is about my thoughts because listening is the intake of information and the thinking is the processing of the information. A lot of times when our intention does not align with our attention, we don't see the results that we're hoping to see.

Donnie Thomas:

I remember when I wanted to get a raise and my intention was not aligned with my attention. I was seeking approval and value from people who did not value me. They valued themselves. They acted like they valued me. They gave me a roundabout story about budgets and all those things. While the partners were making exorbitant amounts of money off of their bonuses, which is fine, it's their company. But I had to keep my intention the same while shifting my attention. I still knew that I deserved a raise, especially looking at some of my counterparts and what they were producing. However, I was not going to get it from there. So I had to shift my attention while keeping my intentions the same.

Donnie Thomas:

So since my intent was still to grow financially, I sought those people who valued me as much as I valued myself, if not more. And when I did that, something very miraculous happened. I not only met the financial goal that I valued myself at during that time, I exceeded it by $30,000, which was an amazing thing for me at that time.

Donnie Thomas:

So whatever you're doing, whatever you're doing, when you shift your thoughts, it truly, truly changes the result and the impact of that situation, because it shifts the energy around yourself into positive energy that people want to be around. So when you put those intentions out in the world and you say, "Oh my God, I want to start this business. This is my focus. This is my focus." The universe, sometimes just, it brings you those people into your life when you're serious about it, when your intention aligns with your attention. So for those of you who are struggling with producing results, it's primarily because there's a friction between your intention and your attention. Your attention needs to be focused sternly on what it is you want to accomplish no matter what. The only thing that changes is your attention. Where are you going to look in order to receive what you need in order to make that happen?

Donnie Thomas:

This is day 29 of my 30 days of positivity. And I hope you guys have a wonderful day.


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