The Performance Maxim™ Coaching Experience

The Performance Maxim™ Experience is an interactive virtual group coaching workshop where you work with a certified coach to help you build confidence, develop a purpose-driven growth mindset, strengthen your personal and professional relationships, and take bold action to accelerate your productivity and profitability.

"High performers don't necessarily get clarity. Instead, they seek it more often than other people -- so they tend to find it and stay on their true path."


This coaching experience is for you if you answer "yes" to any of these questions...

  1. Are you an entrepreneur or leader committed to your self-development?

  2. Do you struggle with building habits that help you achieve your goals?

  3. Do you find it difficult to achieve your goals in your current environment?

  4. Would you like to become a more efficient and effective individual or team member?

  5. Would you like to create a lasting positive impact in the lives of those you care for?


Coaching helps you to gain clarity, improve self-awareness, and explore solutions within yourself to solve the problems that matter most to you. Community places you around like-minded people you can learn from, and who can keep you accountable for achieving the goals you want for yourself.

What should you expect from this experience?

  1. An intimate group of trustworthy like-minded people who'll respect your privacy and boundaries;

  2. A group that will collaborate on the agenda for each session based on program topic areas;

  3. Discovery, clarity, and alignment with what you want to achieve;

  4. A coach that will help you discover yourself in order to realize higher levels of productivity;

  5. A coach that will challenge you to generate solutions and strategies during and after sessions;

  6. A coach that will hold you responsible and accountable for achieving the goals you set; and

  7. A virtual experience accessible anywhere in the world.

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$2,700 value, but you'll only invest $1,999.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:  If you've completed the program and feel you haven't made any progress towards the outcomes you expected from group coaching, we'll give you one personal one on one coaching session on the priority of your choice. 


One on One Coaching


Customized Coaching